List of Publications describing CloSYS technology & products download
For Dry Mouth:
Xerostomia: A common condition on the rise download
Xerostomia: Help Patient Cope download
For Mouth Sores:
Oral Care for Mouth Sores download
Oral Sores & Cancer Treatment download
Helping Cancer Patients w/ oral mucositis download
A review of Lichen Planus for dental pros download
Lichen Planus Mouth Sore - patient review download
For Malodor/Bad Breath:
CloSYS for Oral Malodor Management download
Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide in reducing malodor download
Patient Education about bad breath download
General Science & Other CloSYS Research :
CloSYS Oral Health System and it's Benefits download
Evidence Base for the CloSYS Health System download
Microbicidal Activity of CloSYS download
CloSYS & Implant Maintenance download
Non-Staining Rinse for Periodontal Patients download
CloSYS & Less Bleeding During Procedures download
CloSYS compared to CHX & other rinses download
CloSYS & Down Syndrome Patients Case Study download
CloSYS & Osteonecrosis of the Jaw download
MicroCLEAR Waterline Cleaner Instructions for use download