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A Cleaner Mouth, A Healthier You. For CloSYS Consumers
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A Complete Oral Healthcare System

Our oral care products are unlike any other toothpastes or oral rinses available.

CloSYS safeguards the health of your patients as it kills germs, cleans teeth and freshens breath.

For better patient compliance and results, start your patients on a healthy new oral care routine with the CloSYS Complete Oral Healthcare System.™

The Systemic Health Connection

Numerous professionals have linked bacteria in the mouth to adverse health issues in the body.

CloSYS addresses the connection between mouth and body by effectively killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria in 10 seconds and prevents their re-growth.

Dental professionals are helping their patients understand and act on the connection between good oral health and good overall health with CloSYS.

No Harmful Ingredients

Many of your patients have conditions that react negatively to the standard ingredients in most toothpastes and oral rinses.

CloSYS products never contain alcohol or sulfates (foaming agents) and are always pH balanced so they clean, freshen and kill harmful bacteria without irritation.

Help your patients find the oral care products they are looking for by introducing them to CloSYS.

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did you know...

did you know...

Patients demonstrate noticeably improved oral health within a few weeks of making the rinse part of their daily routine.

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Samples & coupons

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